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Renkinstraat 33


Journey of a photographer

Business and lots of pleasure, FRAMING INDONESIA

Geert De Taeye

Keeping alive the mystery, at least for a couple of months...

Recently I went on a trip to Java and Bali for a personal project which will be revealed in a couple of months. Hard to leave the place while the project is still rolling. It is no longer in my hands but in the hands of the skilled craftsmen out there.

I hope the Javanese spirits will be with me...

By the way, enjoy my blog! I hope to inspire you and share with you my love for photography on a regular basis...You will be able to enjoy new work and personal projects, making of pics, and pictures of my lovely team...Up to the next adventure...

I also discovered a lovely new tool called facebook, it's incredible ;-)    

(yes I cracked!)

So check it out!