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Renkinstraat 33


Journey of a photographer

Clarity of thought

Geert De Taeye

In this project I investigate the search of and the creation (if this would be even possible) of a moment “ the clarity of thought”. A sensation we all try to achieve. In a later stage of life or during our most turbulent years in life. Overwelmed by these .. mostly brief.. moments we try to hang on to them. Imagine if we could create this experience in a physical or alchemic way. It happens in our subconciousness and in complete balance with ourselves. Uncontrolled total peace and clear vision.

We can consider that Clarity of thought is developed via a moment- by- moment process in the midst of thinking. The mystery of the human brain. Some dark force as a substitute for self controle. It is not rocket science...It's more compicated than that. The question is posed to the mind thus evoking a response; causing one to observe ones own thinking processes while taking the time to think and gather information via reflection, upon reflection a visual thought is generated which allows additional thought to come forth compounding on what has been spoken prior; thus each compounded thought brings additional clarity.

As if we are guided by unknown hands by a gathering through a mysterious happening.

Hand-carved frames from Java. Open 2m10 - closed 1m05

First exhibited in Galerie Goutal - Aix En Provence