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Renkinstraat 33


Journey of a photographer


Geert De Taeye

New series for the Mons 2015 exhibition at Château de Seneffe. 

First image (1/4)  "STUNG BY A BEE"

Thanks to: Sieg Minten; Louis-Philippe Beauduin; Willy Cuylits; Nele Berckmans; Wouter Helsen; Sanne Schoofs; Marjolaine Hanssens; Lora Wouters; Anna Tavernier; FLAG models; Nikita and my cute little brave boy.

At the end of the road

Geert De Taeye

Into the wild with KBC. This is also Belgium...Where the old masters felt at home.

Beautiful landscapes...ceaseless skies and (rare) sunny days.

Thank you team for a layed back shooting day.

With TBWA Brussels - Mindbox - Esther Wauters MU - Livingroom Post prduction.

(No cows were harmed during this shooting. Even when they came very close to my equipment.)

Hungry people in Paris

Geert De Taeye

Shooting in Paris is fun! Thumbs up for the team and my agent FHMT for the smooth production... Not to forget his knowledge of the best restaurants in town...

Results of the Mamma Roma shoot soon to be liked on the b.l.o.g.!

Capturing goodness

Geert De Taeye

Well, here it is...the new issue of DROME magazine. With an exclusive Michael Borremans interview. It has been a pleasure for me to capture this great man!

Go get it and enjoy!

Have a nice summer.


Design with a twist of lemon

Geert De Taeye

Design Avenue: Shot several design objects for Kwintessens magazine, Design Vlaanderen.

Objects were shot in studio and the backgrounds shot "kamikaze style". Shooting at night while driving the car in the rain without windshield whipers...spilling lemonade all over my seats... Sorry mom, won't do this again, promise.

Enjoy the series. 

Go get the issue and discover the nice cover idea as well!

Big thank you's to Siegfried Minten for the post-production.


Festival season has begun

Geert De Taeye

This weekend we had a great shoot for KBC. The weather wasn't so perfect but thanks to my lovely team we were able to create an indian summer vibe...Dancing while shooting.

With Tony Naudts, TBWA Brussels and Mindbox. 

Portrait of a cowboy

Geert De Taeye


Yesterday I had the privilege to shoot an intimate portrait of Mr. Michael Borremans, who opens his exhibition at Bozar Brussels today. A must see!

Mr. Borremans, who is as fascinating as his paintings, was very patient with me and i hope he enjoyed this moment as much as i did...

you can see the result of the shooting soon...on my blog and in DROME magazine. Who will also include an interview.

Indeed, this is "as sweet as it gets..."


Business and lots of pleasure, FRAMING INDONESIA

Geert De Taeye

Keeping alive the mystery, at least for a couple of months...

Recently I went on a trip to Java and Bali for a personal project which will be revealed in a couple of months. Hard to leave the place while the project is still rolling. It is no longer in my hands but in the hands of the skilled craftsmen out there.

I hope the Javanese spirits will be with me...

By the way, enjoy my blog! I hope to inspire you and share with you my love for photography on a regular basis...You will be able to enjoy new work and personal projects, making of pics, and pictures of my lovely team...Up to the next adventure...

I also discovered a lovely new tool called facebook, it's incredible ;-)    

(yes I cracked!)

So check it out!